Eleven new endorsements for Jess King.

Today, 11 current and former Lancaster County elected officials endorsed our campaign for Congress in PA-11.

The new endorsers include Lancaster City Mayor Danene Sorace, PA State Rep. Mike Sturla, and County Commissioner Craig Lehman. Lancaster County Democrats are unified behind our campaign and ready to unseat Rep. Lloyd Smucker.

We earned this support by building a grassroots campaign focused on our shared values. Each of you who volunteered and donated made this possible. These leaders know we’re building something special together: a movement that stands up for our community and shows up for one another.

We see – over and over again – Rep. Lloyd Smucker siding with the wealthy and well-connected. We are ready to see Washington work for all of us. We are ready to rewrite the rules of this rigged economy, and that’s why we’re coming together to win this campaign.

Here’s what Lancaster City Mayor Danene Sorace said today:

“Jess has been doing the work to build a resilient local economy for over a decade and I have no doubt that she will bring the same tenacity and vision to Congress that she has brought to Lancaster. Jess is committed to the old-fashioned belief that if you work hard, and play by the rules, you should be able to achieve a decent quality of life for you and your family.

Not only do I believe in Jess’ vision for Lancaster and our country, but I also share a kinship with her as a mom and a woman running for office for the first time. Our kids go to the same school and we both know the challenges women face in juggling family and work. She is action-oriented and skeptical of empty talk. With Jess at the table, I know the residents of Lancaster City will have a strong advocate who knows how to get things done!”

And here’s what my PA State House Representative Mike Sturla said:

“I’ve represented Lancaster City for 27 years. I know the way to win tough elections is by knocking on thousands of doors and speaking to the needs of working people. Jess King knows what working Pennsylvanians need from Congress, and the grassroots movement she is building shows that her message is resonating. Honest, grassroots campaigns like hers can win PA’s new 11th district.”

If you agree with Mayor Sorace and Rep. Sturla, now is the time to show it. The first FEC fundraising deadline of 2018 is this Saturday. Can you pitch in?

I am honored to receive the endorsement of so many public servants today. I am also honored to have your support as we build this beautiful campaign together.

With gratitude,




  1. Craig Lehman, Lancaster County Commissioner
  2. Mike Sturla, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 96th District
  3. Danene Sorace, Mayor of Lancaster City
  4. Rick Gray, Former Mayor of Lancaster City
  5. James Reichenbach, President Lancaster City Council
  6. John Graupera, Lancaster City Councilmember
  7. Lois Herr, former candidate in PA’s 16th district
  8. Tom O’Brien, Manheim Township Commissioner
  9. Bill Dalzell, Marietta Borough Councilmember
  10. Robert Shambaugh, Marietta Borough Councilmember
  11. Candace Roper, SDoL Board member