I am honored to be endorsed by Lancaster Stands Up.

After the 2016 election, I knew that I needed to get louder in my leadership. I needed to help our community understand the growing divide between the very rich and the rest of us and how this divide imperils our democracy. So I joined with others to plan the very first Lancaster Stands Up mass meeting. My heart swelled as the (large!) room filled to the point of standing room only. As Lancastrians shared their commitment to protecting the poor and the vulnerable no matter what happened in the coming year, I felt a deep sense of solidarity with neighbors I had never met from around the county. I had no idea that just a few months later, my own calling to step up in my leadership would lead to me to run for Congress.

lsu early vigil color
Since that first mass meeting, Lancaster Stands Up has grown into an essential bulwark against the reckless agenda being pushed in D.C.

Whether mobilizing to save Obamacare or protecting our immigrant brothers and sisters by fighting for the DREAM Act, the members of Lancaster Stands Up has provided moral leadership when our County needed it most. At a time when it’s been easy to be cynical about the political establishment’s stranglehold on our politics, Lancaster Stands Up has steadfastly worked to register voters and bring more working people into the democratic process.

None of us can change the status quo alone. We build an America for all of us by standing alongside our neighbors, rolling up our sleeves, and widening the circle of community. I’m honored to do my part alongside the growing movement here in Lancaster and beyond.

Let’s get to work.