Building 21st Century American Infrastructure

Investing in our nation’s infrastructure is about more than just scheduling repairs. It’s an investment in an America that works for all of us. It’s a guarantee that no matter where we live or how much money we make, our families and our communities have what we need to prosper.

We have an opportunity to create millions of good jobs by building 21st century infrastructure across America. Our crumbling roads and bridges, our aging water treatment plants, our outdated energy and transportation systems, and our schools and hospitals are all in need of serious investment. Our businesses and our families need safe roads and bridges, efficient and durable energy grids, and expanded access to broadband internet in rural America.

If elected to Congress, I would work with members of both parties to pass a massive investment in our nation’s infrastructure, and ensure we created millions of family-sustaining jobs in the process. Lawmakers should follow the principles laid out in H.Con.Res.63 to craft a jobs and infrastructure package that benefits all Americans, not just Wall Street speculators.