Civil Rights & Racial Justice


America is a nation founded on an ideal – that all are created equal and all have a sacred right to freedom. For too long, racial discrimination and our criminal justice system have robbed Americans of their freedom because of where they live or how they look. We must transform our criminal justice system to reflect our nations highest ideals and step up as leaders to heal the deep wounds of racism in this nation.

If elected to Congress, I will represent the communities of color that I have lived in for my entire adult life and work to protect the right of all Americans to live freely and participate in democracy. I will fight for policies that move our nation towards justice and reconciliation, including:

  1. The Voting Rights Advancement Act (HR. 2978) to restore the full power of the Voting Rights Act and protect African-Americans, and all Americans, from measures that seek to disenfranchise them.
  2. Legislation to reduce the mass incarceration and over-policing of African-Americans, which means ending the failed policies of the War on Drugs, ending the privatization of prisons, reforming cash bail, and passing bipartisan Sentencing Reform Act (HR. 3713),
  3. Legislation to form a National Truth & Reconciliation Commission for the purpose of righting injustices resulting from slavery, Jim Crow, and racial discrimination.
  4. Legislation to create jobs and wealth in communities impacted by decades of racial and economic discrimination, which I have advocated for in Lancaster.