Immigrant Rights

As always, people move to seek a better life for themselves and their families. Our immigrant brothers and sisters came here for the promise of freedom and opportunity. Policies that violate a person’s right to remain in their community damage the freedom we all cherish.

That’s why we must protect DREAMers, and create a fair pathway to citizenship for all who call America home. We must end cruel detainment and deportation policies that tear families apart and rob our community of our friends and neighbors. We must reform our immigration system to recognize that America belongs to all who call it home.

As residents of South-Central Pennsylvania, we can be an example to the nation of what it looks like to build prosperous, diverse communities. Pennsylvania’s 16th District is home to a growing population of immigrants and refugees. Already, Lancaster leads the nation in number of refugees resettled per capita. In my work at ASSETS, I supported refugee small business owners and businesses like the Stroopie Company whose main goal is to hire more refugees. I know firsthand that welcoming our immigrants brothers and sisters makes our democracy stronger. I will continue to speak out on behalf refugees and immigrants when the Trump administration attacks our communities. And I will welcome Puerto Ricans moving here in the aftermath of Maria and fight for debt relief and investment in the island’s infrastructure.