Protecting Social Security

Every American deserves to retire with dignity and security.

A hundred years ago, far too many elderly Americans lived their final years in poverty, or worked jobs with no hope of retirement. That’s why we created Social Security – one of the most successful public programs in our history.

No matter who we are, how much money we make, or where we live, Social Security provides every American protection from abject poverty and unending work as we grow older.

If elected to Congress, I would work to protect and expand Social Security by:

  • Opposing any raises to the retirement age.
  • Opposing all cuts to Social Security.
  • Ensuring every American pays their fair share. Social Security currently has a trillion-dollar surplus. To ensure this program continues to provide a safety net to all Americans for generations to come, I would reform the cap on taxable income so millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share.
Rep. Lloyd Smucker voted to cut Social Security – after passing a tax giveaway to the biggest corporations.

As Rep. Smucker and Paul Ryan travel back to their districts before Election Day, they tell voters they’ll protect Social Security. But their record in D.C. speaks for itself.

  • Rep. Smucker voted for a budget that cuts $4 billion from Social Security over the next 10 years.
  • Rep. Smucker then passed a massive tax giveaway to the biggest corporations, increasing the budget deficit by $1.5 trillion – a fact Paul Ryan and his colleagues will use to justify even more cuts in the future.