Women’s Rights & Women’s Health

Women must be able to take care of our families and our personal health as we pursue our dreams. As Executive Director of ASSETS, I co-founded the Women’s Business Center to move Lancaster towards parity for women in business. In Congress, we must pass federal legislation to ensure access to healthcare, affordable, childcare and contraception, pay equity for women, comprehensive paid family leave, and guarantee that survivors of domestic violence have a safe place to go.

  • Pro-family policies: All women deserve the support we need to make the best decisions for ourselves, our families, and our children. We must adequately fund affordable childcare and affordable housing so that working moms have a pathway to financial security and self-sufficiency.
  • Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. We can continue to decrease the number of abortions needed by ensuring that all women have access to comprehensive family planning resources and contraception.
  • Comprehensive paid family leave: While the Family Medical Leave Act provides parents with 12 weeks of unpaid time-off, only three states – CA, NY, and NJ – guarantee paid time off for eligible workers. We need a national paid, time-off plan, modeled after the success of those states.
  • Defending and expanding funding for domestic violence shelters: Hundreds of women a day in PA are turned away from domestic violence shelters. No woman should have to stay in an abusive household because domestic violence shelters aren’t funded.