Jess King campaign raises over $300,000 in 2017, breaks record for first-time candidate in PA-16

I never imagined myself running for office.

I’m a working mom from a working-class family. When I considered running for Congress, I was inspired by how President Obama and Senator Sanders built a movement of volunteers and small donors to power a grassroots campaign. I believed we could build that kind of movement here by running on a vision of an America that truly works for all of us. But I never imagined our movement would grow so big and so fast.

Since we launched our campaign last July, we’ve raised over $300,000.
Q4 announcement blog post image

In just the 4th quarter of 2017, we raised over $196,000 and multiplied our total number of individual donors eightfold. No first-time candidate of either party has ever raised more than $300,000 at this point in the race for Pennsylvania’s 16th District.

We are already investing the money in a massive field operation, which has scaled up dramatically since the New Year began. In the first weekend of 2018, volunteers hosted 16 house parties in 48 hours to recruit voters to the campaign. And this coming weekend, five campaign hubs across the district will host canvasses that plan to knock thousands in two days.

Our campaign is built on the values of our community and our neighbors: work hard and love our neighbors. So many of us are sick and tired of working hard only to watch the political establishment in Washington rig the game for the rich and the powerful. We’re tired of politicians telling us to blame our problems on people who don’t look like us or weren’t born in the same place of us.

Folks are hungry for a vision of America that includes all of us, guarantees health care as a right, levels the playing for working families, and provides public college debt-free. That’s why our campaign is growing so fast.

Thank you to everyone who’ve joined our movement these past few months and helped us get here.