Jess King joins progressive candidates to oppose Trump’s infrastructure scam.

The Trump White House seems chaotic. But when it comes time to actually propose legislation, his cabinet of Goldman Sachs executives is always ready to ensure Wall Street gets the best deal. The infrastructure plan Trump released Monday is no different.

In fact, it’s so outrageous, I went to D.C. yesterday with Randy Bryce and progressive candidates from across the country yesterday to oppose this scam.

jess speaking pccc 2

Trump promised to invest $1 trillion in our nation’s infrastructure. Some Democrats even pledged to work with him to get it done. But when I saw the details of the plan, I knew – once again! – his billionaire friends were pulling the strings.

Here’s how Trump’s scam works:

  1. Make NO new investment in infrastructure. NONE! The plan just puts money from existing infrastructure programs into a new pot of money – it’s an accounting gimmick.
  2. Tell states that whoever gets the most funding from private investors wins a grant from your new pot of money.
  3. Watch as states beg big banks and Wall Street for funding.
  4. Let Wall Street investors choose who gets funding and who gets abandoned.
  5. Collect Wall Street donations for your next campaign.

The fraud is just beyond words. No increased investment. No trillion dollar plan to revitalize all our nation’s communities, no matter how rich or poor. Instead, Trump is forcing us to ask Wall Street for a loan and letting financiers choose what projects get built and what gets ignored.

I just couldn’t accept another shameless giveaway to the top 1%. That’s why we delivered over 88,000 petition signatures opposing the plan.

jess delivering petition 2

Thanks to all of you who signed. Investing in our nation’s infrastructure is more than just a repair job. It’s an investment in an America that works for all of us. It’s a guarantee that no matter where we live or how much money we make, our families and our communities have what we need to prosper.