Medical Providers for Jess King

We support Jess King and Medicare-for-all national healthcare.

We are doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and advanced practitioners in Lancaster and York Counties. We provide care to you, your family and your neighbors. We are privileged to live and work here, and we want the best for our patients and community.

Every day we see the benefits of the current government-supported Medicare program to our patients over 65 years old. These include a wide range of medical options, choices for care in different locations and medications. Medicare offers medical protection during inevitable health changes. It’s not perfect, but it is an invaluable resource for our community.

Every day we see the challenges of people under age 65 who don’t have Medicare. We see people without insurance who are fearful. We see those who can’t purchase important medications due to cost. We see families who delay care until a crisis hits. We see many who are confused by restrictions on which provider to see and which medications are covered.

As medical providers, we are frustrated daily by insurance plans that do not cover important medications, by hours spent on the phone with insurance companies and by money wasted in competing insurance plans. We are dismayed by the mediocre quality of our national healthcare despite the high cost. A Medicare-for-all program would increase efficiency, result in overall cost savings, and allow medical providers to focus on providing care.

Everyone in Lancaster & York Counties deserves medical care. Our current medical system is not sustainable. It does not adequately cover the needs of our community. As a county, state and country, we must begin discussions about how we will meet all of our needs. We cannot delay plans to provide for the health of our children.

These discussions are challenging. We must listen to each other, try to understand different viewpoints, seek the benefit of all and be willing to negotiate. We need leaders who understand the challenges of ordinary people and who are dedicated to these people rather than large organizations.

We support Jess King as our representative to ethically pursue healthcare for all of us, with compassion and dignity for our similarities and differences.

Carly Albright, CRNP
Gerald Baer, MD
William Bakken, MD
Marchelle Bakken, MSN, CNS
William Bakken, MD
Larien Bieber, MD
Jarol Boan, MD
Lawrence Bonchek, MD
Joanna Brelvi, MD
J. Kenneth Brubaker, MD
Paul Brubaker, MD
Denise Cope, MD
Thomas Coyne, DO
Pam Currie, CRNP
William Davidson, MD
Ann DeShong, MD
Melissa Destefano, PA
Jill Earl, CNM,CRNP
Miriam Eberly, CRNP
Jennifer Edwards, CRNP
Dwight Eichelberger, MD
Eric Esch, MD
William Fife, MD
Mary Ellen Francescani, CRNP
Beverley Gabriel, MD
Teresa Gallagher, CRNP
Thomas Gates, MD
Jason Gottlieb, MD
Walid Hesham, MD
Judie Howrylak, MD
Joseph Irwin, MD
Kirsten Johnsen Martin, DO
Robert Johnson, MD
Monica Johnson-Null, CRNP
Julie Jones, MD
Brian Jones, MD
Cynthia Kilbourn, MD
Ann King, MD
Lisa Knisley, CRNP
Leon Kraybill, MD
Michael Kroll, MD
Margaret Krumm, PA-C
Adam Lake, MD
Chester Laskoski, DPM
Lori Layton, CRNP
D. Thais Magill, MD
Nick Mandalakas, MD
Ajay Marwaha, MD
Daniel Mast, DO
John Mast, MD
Dorothy May, MD
Dianna Miller, CRNP
Jane Miller, CRNP
Sarah Nassau, MD
Kristina Newport, MD
David Nguyen, CRNA
Stephen Olin, MD
Leah Ortiz, CRNP
Rosanne Oyer, MD
Maulik Patel, MD
Alan Peterson, MD
David Polin, MD, MBA
Mark Rast, MD
Stephen Ratcliffe, MD, MSPH
Anne Reilly, MD
Claire Reiner, RN
Ann Rutt, CRNP
Celinda Sanders, RN-CM
Melissa Sasso, DO
Zoe Selhi, MD
Scott Silverstein, DO
Roy Small, MD
Benjamin Snell, MD
Sally Towne, CNM, ret.
Melissa Tribuzio, MD
Pam Vnenchak, MD
Bruce Walther, MD
Bruce Waskowicz, MD
Ann Wenger, MS
Daniel Wert, DO
Susan Wolf, CRNP
Katrina Wyse, MD
John Yoder, MD
Byard Yoder, MD