Seven former & current PA elected officials endorse Jess King.

Seven former and current Pennsylvania elected officials announced their endorsement for Congressional candidate Jess King in Pennsylvania’s 16th District. The endorsers are Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, former State Rep. and 2014 PA-16 Congressional Candidate Tom Houghton, and five new Democrats in Lancaster County: Lancaster City Councilman-elect Ismail Smith-Wade-El, newly appointed Lancaster City Councilman Chris Ballentine, School District of Lancaster School Board members Dr. David Parry and Mara McGrann, and Millersville Borough Councilwoman-elect Dianne Bates.

Tom Houghton, Former PA State Rep. & 2014 PA-16 Congressional Candidate:

“As an elected official for nine years, and recent candidate for this Congressional district, I spent a lot of time away from my family fighting for the things I deeply care about. In 2018, addressing climate change, gun violence, and civil rights should be at the core of any Democratic candidates campaign. I’m disappointed in Democrats who’ve decided it’s better not to take clear positions on those tough questions. I’m proud to endorse and support Jess King who is not afraid to take a stand on these and all other crucial issues.”

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto:

“I am proud to endorse Jess King for Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District. I know Jess, and I know she’s not a career politician. She’s committed her life to building an economy that works for all of us, not just the powerful and well-connected. By building bridges across race and religion in Pittsburgh’s East End and supporting thousands of Pennsylvanians to start their own businesses in the 16th District, Jess’s leadership cuts through partisan divides and supports working families to get a shot at the American dream. In Washington, Jess will be an advocate for small business owners, stand up to big polluters who threaten our land and water, and end the corruption that all too often stacks Federal policy in favor of the biggest players. Her vision of an America that belongs to all of us, no matter our race or income or zip code, is the kind of vision we need in Congress.”

Lancaster City Councilman-elect Ismail Smith-Wade-El:

“Jess King speaks to long-neglected issues of the PA-16: affordable housing, economic justice, and racial justice – for all people. Jessica is invested in my community in a way that almost no one else is. She and I have worked side by side to fight poverty and provide opportunity in Lancaster and that’s why she has my support.”

School District of Lancaster Board Member Mara McGrann:

“Jess has been in the trenches with Pennsylvanians who dream of owning of their own business. Through her stellar work as Executive Director of ASSETS, Jess quickly established her well-earned reputation as a skilled leader and as a passionate advocate for all people. I know Jess will bring the same skills and commitment to serve our entire community as our Representative in Congress. I’m honored to endorse Jess King, Democrat for the 16th district.”

School District of Lancaster Board Member Dr. Dave Parry:

“Jess King has the educational priorities that Pennsylvania needs: quality public schools, affordable higher education, and support for educators. Jess is honest, hardworking, and dedicated to our communities. She is the Democrat best poised to defeat Lloyd Smucker.”

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