South Central PA still needs a fighter for working families in Congress.

Today, Pennsylvania took a big step towards guaranteeing fair representation in our democracy. We will finally vote in Congressional elections that aren’t rigged to favor either party.

I decided to run for Congress because I was sick and tired of working my heart out for working people, only to see us fall further behind.

The maps changed today, but Washington D.C. didn’t.

The deck is still stacked against us. Rep. Lloyd Smucker will still do the bidding of Paul Ryan and rewrite the rules of our economy to favor the biggest corporations. And South Central Pennsylvania still needs a fighter for working families in Congress.

I will continue my campaign to represent the place I call home, which is now in Pennsylvania’s 11th district.

I’ve spent my life here in South Central PA, raised my kids here, and supported thousands of business owners in Lancaster County.

I know what we’re all thinking: The new district has more Republicans than Democrats. It’s a tough, uphill battle. But that’s nothing new. Our campaign has never been about Democrats vs. Republicans. Our campaign is about building an America that truly works for all of us, not just for the rich and powerful who rig the game in Washington.

When we lead with our values – working hard, putting families first, building a fair economy – and when we stand up to the political establishment in both parties, we can inspire a winning majority.

Just yesterday, we held a town hall in Ephrata, PA – long known as a stronghold for Republicans. 75 Pennsylvanians braved snowy roads, filled up a public library, and discussed establishing healthcare as a right for all Americans and getting money out of politics.

ephrata crowd

This next weekend, we’ll keep building our movement. We’re going to call every Democratic voter in the new district, and when we’re done with that we’ll start calling every registered independent.

Our team has talked to thousands of people in and around Lancaster. We’ve seen how powerful our message and our grassroots campaign can be. As long as we keep working together, we’re ready for what’s next.