I believe that in 2018 we will see a brand new Congress. Establishment politicians are being challenged in elections across the country. Ordinary Americans – working mothers and fathers, teachers, pastors, and veterans – are stepping up to say enough. Stepping up and saying that regular people getting involved and running for office with the support of our neighbors is what democracy looks like. I am running as a first-time candidate for the PA-16 Democratic nomination.

We have the opportunity right now and the political will right here to play a different game. To stand for our values and fight for real solutions. To look past party politics and connect around a vision for our country that includes all of us.

We have an opportunity to build a bigger table, not a higher wall.

When America belongs to all of us, we’ll invest in working families and rebuild our middle class – the bedrock of our democracy.

I will fight for the following:

  • To make sure that every American who wants a job will have one that pays enough to support a family and live a good life.
  • To provide excellent education to all Americans through tuition-free public college and quality public school.
  • To pass Medicare-for-All and ensure that every American – no matter how rich or poor – has access to the medical care we need.
  • To treat the Earth as our home and reject pipelines and extractive industries that enrich oil and gas executives while leaving our land and water permanently polluted.
  • To raise the minimum wage because no one who works a full-time job should have to live in poverty.
  • To end the corruption of our politics. We’ll tell the corporate lobbyists and billionaire donors that politicians will not be bought and sold anymore.
  • To take care of our neighbors struggling against the epidemic of opioid addiction and create a path to rehabilitation – not criminalization.
  • To protect undocumented Americans and provide a humane path to citizenship for all who call America home.
  • To support Puerto Rico in resolving the debt crisis and empowering its residents to decide their future.

These are just a few of my most strongly held beliefs.

The beauty of the American story is that there has always been and will continue to be a process of perfecting our union and experiment in self-governance.

I believe that representation begins with listening, so in addition to holding regular town hall meetings throughout the campaign to hear what matters most to you, I ask you to share your thoughts with me about our country’s most important issues.